The beauty of Karma

    As a Libra I've always had an affinity for equality and the idea of Karma. Threw out the years this has troubled me (and given me joy) leading to a lot of sleepless nights. I've realized that letting go and keeping it simple are the key to most of lifes puzzles and also Karma Bitch's success. This is the driving force and motivation for our designs. We're all about less is more and you can see it in our minimalist style which we hope you'll like.

    As designers who have a hand in the printing of our designs we decided to sell directly to customers, cutting out the “middleman" who tend to add crazy markups that make products unnecessarily expensive. The savings get handed down the line to YOU OUR CUSTOMERS that make it possible for Karma Bitch to exist and also a bit of good Karma (because we were all bad in our 20's right?) And when ya out there slaying life in our gear, make sure ya tell them Karma Bitch sent ya...